Jewelleries History




Azurite is a copper mineral with a deep blue colour. Very often it is mined together with malachite, resulting in blue-green stones.
It helps meditation, bridges matter and spirit. For businessmen it is a powerful amulet.


The name of Hematite comes from the blood-red colour of some of its varieties.Globules of Hematite have been found on Mars, which according to scientists proves the existence of water on the “Red Planet”.The Indians as well as the ancient Roman soldiers rubbed Hematite to be invulnerable. Hematite helps with concentration, calm support of positions and persuasive argumentation and is called the “mind stone”, particularly popular in legal circles.It also enhances memory and confidence and gets rid of obsessions and addictions


Amethyst is a variant of the mineral quartz,violet or purple in color. In ancient times it was believed that this gem protects the wearer from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks and Romans drank from cups and glasses decorated with amethyst.
Amethyst is the stone of meditation. It promotes creativity, courage, and self-esteem.


Agate is a type of quartz – translucent with different shades. It is created by the solidification of lava vapour gases. It is named after the river Agate (green agate) in Sicily where it was first identified. In Ancient Rome, it was believed that wearing the agate on the left hand ensured the gods’ favor regarding the fruitfulness of the earth.

In ancient Greece and Rome, Agate was believed to protect against plagues and epidemics. In the Middle Ages they gave the dust of dusted agate to the possessed to drive away evil. It protects from anxiety and bad dreams, from the evil eye, attracts loyal friends and wealth.


The shades of jasper are yellow, red, green and brown; this is due to the iron oxides present in its composition. The Indians used jasper in rituals to attract rain.

It attracts wealth, luck and love. It protects against evil magic, the evil eye and gives longevity.


Carnelia is a semi-precious stone of reddish brown colour. Its name is derived from the Latin word “Cornum” which is the wild cherry tree whose red transparent fruits resemble this stone. Cornelian was used as a decorative stone by the Minoans and in sealing rings by the Romans because carnelia does not stick to hot wax.
Carnelia is a symbol of beauty and enhances sexuality. It helps with eloquence and creates a sense of self-confidence.


Amber is fossilized resin. It is solidified pine resin created 30 to 90 million years ago. Amber is found all over the world, with glimpses of it being found in Northern Greece as well.

When burned, amber releases a fragrant pine scent, which is why it is used as incense in religious ceremonies. Genuine amber releases a pine scent when pricked with a hot needle, while plastic amber gives off an unpleasant smell. The ancient Greeks called it ‘electron’, while Thales of Miletus conducted experiments studying the phenomenon of static electricity, which takes its name from ‘electron’.

The word amber comes from the Arabic word “kahruba” meaning that which attracts straw, due to its known property of attracting light bodies after rubbing it on a cloth.

According to Greek mythology, when the Sun was forced to kill Phaethon to save the world, his sisters Eliades mourned and their tears that fell to the earth became amber.

Amber attracts sexual partners and favors fertility. It expels negative energy from the body and purifies the spirit and the heart. It attracts love,peace,tranquility,balance,healing,wealth and luck and is a symbol of longevity ,vitality and youth.
It helps with throat and ear,respiratory and abdominal ailments.Balances the thyroid.Protects against radiation and electromagnetic pollution.For babies it helps in the teething process.


Semi precious stone with a deep blue colour. In Latin and Persian, the term Lapis Lazuli means blue stone.
Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom and in ancient times was a sacred stone.It strengthens the mind and thought,gives enlightenment and spiritual clarity.It helps in the healthy expression of emotions. When worn as a pendant on the chest it helps to unite heart and mind. It purifies our spirit and thoughts, works against depression and introversion, attracts new friends and secures the love of old ones. It also protects against epilepsy and strokes. It protects pregnant women from premature births and miscarriages.


Malachite is a green gemstone of various shades. Its name comes from the plant malachite (commonly known as mallow) as it has a similar colour to its leaves. For its use in jewellery making it is also called “false emerald” (false emerald). In Greece it is found in the Lavrio mines. Malachite represents the beauty of the plant kingdom and its green colour is the colour of the heart chakra, giving it strength and vitality. In Ancient Egypt there were malachite mining mines in Suez and Sinai from 4000 BC and they used its powder as a cosmetic and eye and eyelid shade.

The columns of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the Temple of St. Isaac in St. Petersburg were lined with Malachite.

In the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg there is a “malachite room”.

Malachite symbolizes luck, repels negative energy, brings harmony to our emotions, takes care of the balance of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and mental faculties. It attracts love ,peace,protection, success and helps those who are unlucky in love. It helps in realizing bold plans.


Tiger’s Eye is a translucent variety of quartz with linear iridescence, golden and brown in color. This iridescence created by the alternating golden and brown colours on the stone is called in French chatoyancy, which in Greek means “cat’s eye”. It also got its name because of the fact that its glow resembles that of a tiger’s eye. In India, the Eye of the Tiger was believed to protect against lesser demons and the elements, while ancient Roman soldiers wore the Eye of the Tiger with engraved symbols on them for protection in battle.

It is considered the stone of fortune symbolizing wealth and abundance. It corresponds to the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

It protects against basil, geopathetic stress and accidents.

It helps with insight and realizing our talents. It controls the masculine and feminine energy within us.


Morganite is a gemstone that is pink in color and is named after the American banker J.P Morgan, who donated his mineral collection to the New York Museum of Natural History. It is also known as the ‘pink emerald’ or the ‘rose of Beirut’. Morganite also exists in shades of purple and peach.
As a gemstone, Morganite often surpasses the value of a diamond when it is in jewellery. It is a rare stone and is found deep within the earth in igneous plutonic rocks.
It protects against the everyday problems of relationships. (family discord, sexual affairs, etc.). It strengthens the marital relationship. Treats gynecological diseases, attracts friends and maintains love. It removes anxiety and helps the nervous system.


Jade is mostly dark green in color and rarely yellow-brown or white.

It exhibits a dull glow. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek word “nephros stone” which was presumably given either from the color of kidney stones, or as a therapeutic use against them.
Because of its hardness, it was originally used for making tools and later ornaments. The Sumerians believed that Jade could solve life’s unforeseen problems. The Chinese for 5,000 years have considered it the “stone of immortality”.

It protects young children and newborns.
It activates ideas and makes every task seem less complicated.
It wards off frustration, protects against injuries and accidents.
It brings balance, peace, knowledge, serenity, longevity.


Onyx is a variety of agate. Its Greek name is related to the striations that appear on the finger nail of several animals.Onyx shows superimposed layers of light and dark material. According to mythology, Eros with an arrow cut the claws of Aphrodite while she slept, the pieces of which were scattered on the sand and the fates turned them into stone. It protects from evil the eye and human encroachment.

Encourages happiness and good fortune, gives confidence. Favors inner dialogue and insight. Affects the signs of Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Taurus.


Opal is a gemstone formed in sedimentary rocks. It displays rainbow iridescence depending on the angle of observation.

The ancient Greeks believed that the spirit of truth lived in Opalios and that it could reveal the future of its owner.

They believed that when its owner was in danger, it was dimmed. The Arabs believed it fell from the sky with the lightning and considered it a lucky stone.

In the Middle Ages it was called “offtha+lmio” because it was believed to cure eye diseases.
It rests on the throat chakra and helps communication,achievement of goals and calms emotions.

Opal is believed to attract money,wealth,abundance and brings success in the financial field.It attracts progress and brings luck .It drives away sorrow and brings hope,positive thoughts,endurance,faith and forgiveness.

It helps artists to give what they do their best. It increases mental euphoria.


Obsidian is a volcanic rock. Since the Palaeolithic Age, thanks to its authenticity, it has been used in the manufacture of blades with sharp edges, which were used as knives and razors. Apart from being used to make tools, obsidian was also used for decorative purposes because as glass it can have a different appearance depending on how it is cut.

In antiquity Obsidian was called Liparios stone according to Theophrastus, because it existed in the Lipares Islands or Aegean Islands northwest of the Strait of Messina. During the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, tools and weapons were made in the Aegean region from hard obsidian, which came from Milos. Obsidian is a black-coloured glass created during the volcanic eruption. After the volcanic eruption, the surface layer of the liquid lava cools down sharply and becomes glass, while the lower layer of lava crystallises in a slow process.

Obsidian protects sensitive people, drives away negative energy, reduces tensions and enhances thinking. It protects against all harm since it returns bad intent to the one who sends it.


Pink quartz has a pale pink coloring and it is attached to the heart and the throat chakra. Pink quartz is the second most common mineral in nature.
It reduces sadness, attracts love and communicates all kinds of love and self care. Helps improve circulation and boots heart health. It helps to feel joy and happiness. It is also referred to as “the stone of the heart”. Rose quartz is associated with inner peace, balancing emotions, harmony, forgiveness, kindness, compassion and tolerance.


Ruby is a red-coloured gemstone and its name comes from the Latin word ” ruber ” which means red. Σ In ancient times it was called “sapphire porphyry” . It is considered one of the four gemstones along with diamond, sapphire and emerald. It is the second hardest mineral after diamond.

Because of its red colour, ruby was in ancient times symbolized the power and vitality of blood. It was believed to elevate courage and bring success in love and battle.
The ruby is considered the birthstone of the month of July and is an ideal gift for a couple’s 15th and 40th wedding anniversary.

Its color and purity affect the value of the ruby. The best colour is considered ” the blood of a dove”.

Due to the fact that ruby does not oxidize and has a high hardness it is used in watchmaking.

Ruby intensifies sexual activity. It protects against black magic. It enhances administrative skills and self-confidence. It attracts wealth and gives strength and optimism.


Ophite is a volcanic rock. In ancient times it was called Ophite stone (from Ophis = snake), because of its resemblance to the spotted and scaly skin of snakes. It was also used in Roman times to treat headaches and snake bites. In the Bronze Age and in Minoan Crete it was used as an architectural building material in palaces and other buildings, but also as a raw material for the manufacture of seals, miniatures, tools and ritual objects (compasses, offering banks). In Crete it is found in the area of Malevizi.
It removes stress, negative thoughts and sadness. It fights hypoglycemia and diabetes.
It helps in meditation and spiritual exploration. Supports love, metaphysics, healing and wisdom.


Emerald is a precious stone and has a deep green coulor. The ancient Greeks used the term “emerald” to refer to green gemstones. The first emerald mines existed during the Bronze Age in the Red Sea and Egypt. Cleopatra adorned her royal robes with emeralds.
Today the largest emerald mines are in Colombia and Zambia.
The emerald is a symbol of wealth, uniqueness, wisdom and love. It increases psychic powers and is suitable for meditation and relaxation. It protects from negative energy, gives balance and peace to the body and heart. Emerald symbolizes hope for life, rebirth and growth.
In ancient times it was believed that the one who wore emerald, could predict the future and could be protected from magic.When they placed the stone under the tongue,they could reveal the truth.
The emerald was one of the four precious stones given by God to King Solomon. It cured cholera and malaria.


Turquoise is a gemstone of a turquoise-green color. Its name comes from the French word turquoise, which means Turkish.In the Middle Ages, European merchants bought turquoise from the Turkish bazaars, but the stone came from Persia.
The ancient Greeks called turquoise kallaitis or kallais stone, meaning good stone. All ancient cultures have used it as a talisman and as a decorative element in jewellery. Turquoise is one of the first gemstones to be mined.
It is considered the gem of love and friendship. It protects against suffering and depression.It boosts self-confidence,gives strength,courage and positive energy.
It brings profits , successes and gives titles and social recognition. It offers luck, wisdom, wealth and optimism.


Its name comes from the similarity of its color with the coulor of the moon, i.e. white with blue reflections.
Moonstone indicates the phases of filling and waning of the moon, symbolizing the cycle of change. It aids spiritual work and meditation. It creates an energetic fence around the house, creating a safe and natural space if placed internally in the four corners of the house. The Romans believed that it hid the power of Artemis, the goddess of the moon, within it and granted victory, health, and wisdom to whoever wore it. In India it is considered one of the most sacred stones and it is said that within each moonstone, a spirit dwells.
The moonstone is an amulet of beauty, love, love and longevity. It protects women and nature, enhances the prophetic and psychic powers within us.
It gives health, longevity, peace, aligns the spine and renews white blood cells. It corresponds to the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini and Libra.
It is excellent for nursing and caring for young children.


Quartz has several colours and varieties other than the classic transparent colour.
It got its name from the Greek word “halaza” which means hail, since many in antiquity considered it solidified water.
It is known by primitive peoples who attributed many magical powers to it.
Quarz is used in the manufacture of glass and in the manufacture of computer devices and microchips.
It is a powerful purifier of the environment,body water,aura and thought.It is antidepressant,gives calmness,harmony,endurance,positive thoughts and removes fears and nightmares.
Quartz stimulates the body,gives courage,positive energy and protection.It activates the immune system and brings the body into balance .It helps every new beginning and brings wealth and harmony. Protects from geopathic stress and radiation.


Its name is derived from the word pale because of its green color. Chlorite opens the way of the heart, giving meaningful life rather than mere survival. It protects against negative energies and psychic attacks. It inspires spontaneity and self-esteem.


Its name comes from the Greek words “gold” and “glue” because of its similarity to the material that was, in ancient times, in use for gold soldering.

It was used as a material for jewellery making. It encourages self-awareness and inner balance. It brings personal and professional wealth. Inspires creativity and self-confidence.


Chrysolite is olive-deep green in color.The word Chrysolite comes from the ancient peoples, as it was believed to encapsulate the power of the Sun.

Chrysolite is the stone of optimism, it gives energy, courage and a positive attitude. It protects against jealousy, bad luck, depression and emotional disorders. Also the Chrysolite creates in the body and in the environment an impenetrable energy fence. It protects love and marriage. It brings money, fame, recognition.
It calms anger, jealousy, irritation and works antidepressantly by banishing intense stress.It helps in having children and protects them.